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Hamilton Camp Cast List


Alexander Hamilton:  Jeffrey Tadeo

Burr : Joliya Iriarte

Washington: Kayla Bryant

Eliza: Natalie Hill

Angelica : Alyssa Gauss

Peggy: Alaina Gauss

King George: Chase Gutierrez

Lafayette: Angie White

Laurence: Kai Yoshida

Mulligan: Riley Bryant

Jefferson: Kai Bush

Madison: Raquel Rocha


Ensemble: Ciara Tadeo, Brendan Frasier, Nola Byrum, Alyssa Tadeo, Sarah Anderson, Zion, Conner Bryant

About Us

DCMS Productions also known as “Don’t Cut My Song” is a professional theater company  founded by a group of creative artists, whose passion is to bring theater and art into the…

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Our Team

Danielle Gauss, President, Executive Producer One of the founders of DCMS, Danielle is a 30 year veteran of the stage. Literally born into a family of traveling performers, you might say…

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